SCHIND SPL PIPE Plasma Cutting Machine

SCHIND SPL PIPE Plasma Cutting Machine

Schind CNC plasma cutting machines offer an efficient and effective solution even in high thicknesses with Hypertherm plasma source. With angled plasma cutting and tube plasma cutting options, it saves both time and consumables in metal processing areas.


Product CodeSPL PIPE
Working Table Size (mm) 6000 (Please ask for other dimension)

SCHIND CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Although it is a technology dating back to the 1950s, CNC plasma cutting machines are actively preferred machines, especially in the construction sector.
Schind CNC plasma cutting machines are an efficient solution for thicknesses where fiber laser cutting technology is insufficient. Plasma cutting machines are preferred due to their ability to make multiple cuts on the same table, minimum consumption even in thick materials, and fast cutting features.
CNC plasma cutting machines, with the ability to process thicknesses up to a maximum of 180 mm, are more efficient than other technologies, even at the highest performance level. Cutting cost, time, raw material savings and cnc cutting possibilities make plasma cutting machines efficient.
Schind CNC plasma cutting machines, which also have pipe cutting and angled cutting options, are an option that increases productivity and shortens the processing time in works that require metalworking. You can examine our Schind SPLB for angled cutting and Schind SPL TUBE for pipe cutting. In addition, we offer you economical solutions with the pipe cutting option in our Schind SPLB angled plasma cutting machine.
The prices of CNC plasma cutting machines are much more economical than the prices of fiber laser cutting machines. It is a logical choice in high thicknesses, in the construction industry, in works that require metalwork, and in mass production areas.

Some options are available for worktable.



  • Hypertherm Edge Connect CNC
  • Hypertherm Plasma Power Source
  • 19,5'' Touch Screen
  • RTP pipe cutting software
  • Cutting Diameter ø 6000/9000/12000/15000 mm (Please ask for other dimension)
  • Easily Adjustable Pipe and Tube Support
  • Torch Collision Protection System
  • Automatic Torch Height Control


  • Pipe Surface Deviation Calculation with Laser Meter