Mould, Forming, Design and Production

We serve forming, mould, fixture and apparatus design, development and production.

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Moulding, Forming, Design and Production

Technical services provided by Schind Machines

Shind Molding is a mold manufacturer & designer company prominent in the industry with the excellence of the craftsmanship, continuous quality, zero fault and delivery in time.

With our lastest technology CNC machine renewed machine park, we show more attention to the molds we produced than our customer's own manufacturing.

We are able to make every kind of mold according to customer demands with our well trained and experienced labor.

We can process up to 1000mm x 1500mm x 750mm.


In line with the needs of our customers operating in automotive interior trim, solar energy, health, food, furniture, machinery and logistics sectors; we design and produce termo forming, vacuum molds, sponge molds, carpet & felt molds, sheet metal molds, fixtures and apparatus.

Business Line

Design, Prototype Model, Production by Schind Machines


  • Product Design and Development
  • Mould Design
  • Fixture and Apparatus Design

Prototype Model

  • MDF Prototype Model
  • Styrofoam Prototype Model
  • Plastic Prototype Model


  • Sheet Metal Moulds
  • Thermoforming & Vacuum Moulds
  • Foam Moulds
  • Floor Carpet and Felt Moulds
  • Fixture & Apparatus and Other Moulds