Fence Poles Production

In the production of steel fence poles, we perform cutting, drilling, welding and painting operations according to customer demand. The machines we use in the production line are our own production, so we offer our cost advantage to our valued customers.

Fence Poles Production

Technical services provided by Schind Machines

Due to the fact that we are a machine manufacturer, we have succeeded to become a wanted supplier in this sector.

We meet the demands of our domestic and international customers with the excellence of our workmanship, continuous quality, zero error, in-time delivery and the cost advantage of being a manufacturer.

In the production of steel fence posts, the desired product shape is designed in a short time and mass production is started with cutting, punching, welding and painting processes.


With our latest technology machines, we show more than our customers' own precision for the fence poles we produce with our renewed machine park.

We can make any kind of fence pole in accordance with the demands of our customers with our trained and experienced of our team.

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