SCHIND Profile Punching Machine (1 Head)

SCHIND Profile Punching Machine (1 Head)

High-quality, durable, long-life profile punching machine will make your job easier by punching of your valuable profiles. We produce the machine according to customer expectations and specifications.

General Features

  • Main construction is made with steel square profile (ST-52) and supported laser cutting plates to have stronger chase,
  • Due to using of strength materials, it has minimum flexion, long life, minimum deformation,
  • Easy to assemble equipments, molds, fixtures and maintenance windows,
  • Punching with hydraulic press power,
  • Automatic profile drive on linear slides via servo planetary gearbox according to the program,
  • Automatic burring unit with air pressure in the core,
  • Automatic operation by foot switch or start button from the control panel,
  • Following daily and total production amount on the screen,
  • Internet connect option to the management panel for technical support.
  • First class car paint on all parts of the body, and oven paint on sheet metal parts,
  • Led lighting in front of the press and inside of the machine,
  • Width - length - height 110cm x 720cm x 240cm,
  • Weight 2.200kg,
  • 2 years warranty and service & training support for all of our machines
  • All of our machines are compact and ready to use, no need to be constructed,
  • Conveyor is optional according to customer demand,

Technical Features

  • 45000mm/min profile riding with 60 piston movements per minute
  • A precision of 1/10 at a length of 6000mm
  • 11 kW motor,
  • 200 liters refrigerated hydraulic unit
  • Pressing capacity 25 tons, maximum hydraulic pressure 220bar,
  • The punching speed can be reduced or increased; press, profile riding and burring throw unit work synchronously,
  • The piston downward direction is controlled by sensitive sensors, not by a switch,
  • It punches pipes maximum diameter of 200 mm (depends on the thickness of the material to be processed)
  • Hole diameter; min 3mm / max 25mm, (depends on the thickness of the material to be processed)
  • Machinable metals; aluminum / copper pipes up to 10mm thickness, cold drawn pipes up to 4 mm, hot rolling pipes up to 5mm and angle bar,
  • Machinable maximum profile length 6000mm,
  • Ability to punch holes in fixed and variable pitches in different geometric shapes,
  • 10” Touch screen management panel, easy programmable software, installation option in different languages,
  • Saving 999 different punching programs and recall ability,

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