Schind PLS-02 Pipe Polishing - Sanding - Belt Grinding Machine 150Ø

Schind PLS-02 Pipe Polishing - Sanding - Belt Grinding Machine 150Ø

It is used for surface cleaning, deburring, sanding and polishing from hard plastic to wooden materials, from soft metals such as copper, brass aluminum to the hardest heat treated steels.


Product CodePLS-02
Max. Pipe Diameter 150mm
Working Speed Adjustable
Sanding Length (2x) 1100 mm x 50 mm
Engine Power Sanding Motor: 5.5 kW Drum Motor: 2.2 kW
Machine Weight 410 kg
Machine Length 1000 mm x 1100 mm x 1300 mm

* Machine Capacity: Ø25 - Ø150 mm
* Suitable for wood, plastic and metal parts having round, oval, elliptical or irregular shapes.
* It performs 360 ° sanding without rotating the work piece with the orbital system rotating around its center.
* With our geared reducers, our machines compliant with CE standards can adjust the rotation speed of belt sanders between 5-30m / sec.
* There is easily open lid design to clean or replace the belts. The sanding belts changing can be done in a short time of 10 seconds by loosening the tensioner bolt.
* Any possible accident of the sanded material jumping is automatically prevented  by the help of concave wheels.
* Fixed sanding quality is obtained in straight pipes by the automatic feeding system. You can also polish bended pipes.