SCHIND SLTC-1530 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

SCHIND SLTC-1530 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Laser Power: 1kw-6kw Laser Source: IPG/Maxphotonics/Raycus Processing Surface: (L*W): 3000*1500mm/4000*1500mm/6000*1500mm (Optional) Position Accuracy: X, Y and Z Axle:±0.05mm You can check detailed cutting thicknesses below.


Product CodeSLTC-1530
Resonator Fiber Laser
Cutting Head Raytools Auto Focus Laser Cutting Head
Working Table Size (mm) 1500x3000

SCHIND Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

With the developing technology, fiber laser cutting machines are preferred in metal cutting. The main reasons for this are that fiber laser cutting machines take up little space, can cut quickly and reduce product consumption to a minimum.
As Schind Machines, we offer precise and safe solutions to users with our standard sizes and special production sizes in our fiber laser cutting machines. Thanks to our open chassis and closed chassis cutting machine options, we create safe environments in high power usage.
Thanks to our Maxphotonics, Raycus and IPG resonator options, we offer power options from 500 W to 15 KW. With Schind fiber laser cutting machines, materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, carbon etc. can be cut. You can see the cutting thicknesses of our fiber laser cutting machines and the fiber laser resonators we use on our relevant machine pages.
It reduces cutting consumption from 32-35% to 22-25% with automatic nesting programs. Thus, you can both gain speed and save money in your cuttings.
MITSHUBISHI Servor Motors and Drivers, Framo Morat Rack, Pinion & Gearbox systems, YYC linear springs, Raytools AutoFocus Laser Cutting Heads and SCHIND CNC Control Panels are used in Schind fiber laser cutting machines. Thanks to the combination of these parts, we offer long-lasting Schind fiber laser cutting machines, which can cut precisely and flawlessly and save money while cutting.

The machine is also available in a configuration with a movable table.
Some options are available for working table size, resonator.


Standart Equipment

  • Fiber Laser Resonator
  • Raytools Auto Focus Laser Cutting Head
  • Metalix Automatic Nesting Programme
  • 21,5'' Touchscreen
  • Acceleration 1,5 G
  • Axes speed (X,Y Traverse Speed) 110 m/min.
  • Automatic Nozul Cleaning and Calibration
  • Positioning Accuracy 0,05mm
  • Repeatability 0,03mm
  • Anti Collision System


Optional Equipments

  • Available with IPG / Max Photonics Fiber Laser Resonator
  • SCHIND Filter
  • Light Guard

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