Mandrel Pipe and Tube Bending Machine MPB - Ø32 - Semi Automatic - Mechanical

Mandrel Pipe and Tube Bending Machine MPB - Ø32 - Semi Automatic - Mechanical

Semi-automatic mechanical pipe and profile bending machine with maximum pipe diameter of 32, maximum pipe wall thickness of 3 mm, bending radius of 250 mm, bending angle of 0 ° to 190 °, maximum 68 seconds. It has 2.2 kW of motor power.


Product CodeMPB32
Max. Pipe Diameter 32 Ø
Max. Pipe Wall Thickness 3 mm
Max. Bending Radius 250 mm
Max. Bending Angle 190°
Bending Speed 68/sn
Engine Power 2.2 kW
Machine Weight 300 kg
Machine Length 1950 mm
Machine Width 850 mm
Machine Height 950 mm

     Schindmachines manual pipe bending machine MPBØ32 is the model preferred by workshops at the beginner level in pipe bending works. You can easily bend 32mm standard steel pipes with a maximum thickness of 3mm at 180 degrees and even up to 190 degrees.
     Mandrel should be used for pipe types with a wall thickness of less than 2mm and especially for narrow radius bends. When fixed mandrel or movable mandrel are used, there is no lettuce appearance on the surface that touches the mold at the bend point, and there is no wrinkling in the metal. The technical drawings of the final products from our customers help us to recommend the right machine and die sets according to the bending algorithm.
     Schind Machine semi-automatic pipe bending machine with 32 mandrel bends with the power of an electric motor by using the gear system driven by a reducer. Schind MPB 32 has an overload prevention system to ensure that its capacity is not exceeded. You can also do aluminum profile bending, chrome pipe bending, window frame bending in our MPB-32 model, where we use a brake motor for precise bending.

• A set of bending molds produced according to the customer's request
• Special Design Direct Reducer Driven Bending System
• Portable foot pedal with emergency stop
• Manual Measuring Apparatus
• Support Roller
• Manual angle adjustment
• Protected Against Overloading
• Additional Mold Set
     It provides high productivity to the production process which includes many pipe bending processes such as dairy machine production, chair production, table production, bed base production. Our pipe bending machines, which have been in the sector for years, will be your durable, long-lasting and reliable equipment for your production.