Schind PLS-01 Pipe Polishing Machine

Schind PLS-01 Pipe Polishing Machine

By means of a separate motor, the pipe automatically enters the feed station without operator intervention. You can easily polish bent pipes up to 180 °.


Product CodePLS-01
Max. Pipe Diameter Ø10 - Ø114
Sanding Length 50 x 940mm
Engine Power 5 kW
Machine Weight 265 kg
Machine Length 90 cm
Machine Width 70 cm
Machine Height 120 Kg

You can remove the rust on the tube you will use with the Schind PLS-01 Pipe Polishing Machine or you can polish it with fine grit sand sandpaper.
You can obtain perfect glossy surfaces with the sanding system rotates in its center without the need for the operator to turn it. 
It is developed in line with customer demands with its superior features such as ease of use, change of sandpaper, and easy processing of angular products...

  • Sanding by rotating 360 ° around its own axis (Orbital System),
  • Inverter for integrated input and output motors,
  • Automatic feeding with speed adjustment from the control panel,
  • 5 - 30 m / minute speed adjustable sanding,
  • Manual pipe compression adjustment with hand wheel,
  • Ability to polish large radius bent tubes even they are bent 180 °,
  • The most effective sanding in square, rectangular, round and oval shapes,
  • Ergonomic design for easy sand belt change,
  • 1 set of sanding belt are supplied with the machine,
  • Complies with CE standards.