Alfamill CNC Router is a 5-axis CNC machining-centered router and is a five-axis machining machine that can make parabolic movements in the A and C axes as well as linear movements in the X, Y, Z axes and can approach the workpiece from 5 different points

What is 5 Axis CNC Router?
     Our machine, which operates in router logic with a 5-axis CNC machining center, is designed for professional use in sectors such as prototype production, aluminum mold, luxury yacht mold, composite, sculpture, car modelling, aviation industry, mold making, machine spare parts production. The technological superiority and processing precision of our SCHIND ALFAMILL 5 axis CNC Router machine comes from its reinforced special steel chassis and bridge, which eliminates vibration and oscillation. SYNTECH, SIEMENS or BACKHOFF CNC systems are used in our 5-axis processing machine, which moves with the highest quality bearing and helical rack transmission. Processing molds from foam with perfect accuracy or processing prototypes from different materials makes our 5 axis CNC Alfamill machine the favorite machine of manufacturers due to its RTCP (Real-time Transport Control Protocol) feature. Schind Alfamill 5 axis mold processing machine; It has become a sought-after machine in the defense and aerospace industry due to the CNC software and the dynamic movements of our machine in the

     Our RTCP-enabled Schind Machines Alfamill advanced router machine, which can also make foam molds of super luxury yachts or customer-specific designed boats, is also designed to work throughout the entire factory. The rack and rail system positioned on the concrete skeleton of the factory building provides the bridge movement, and on the bridge, the Z axis operates as much as the factory roof height allows, and the X axis operates as much as the factory width. In summary, there is no limit to the processing capacity of our 5-axis router machine, whose servo motor motion systems can process with excellent accuracy even at high speeds.

     Our machine, which can make parabolic movements in the A and C axes as well as linear movements in the X, Y, Z axes of the product programmed in the CAM program, processes perpendicularly to the product being processed throughout the entire process. For this reason, the 5-axis CNC machining-centered router is called a Five-axis CNC machine because it reaches the workpiece from 5 different points. The A axis rotates ±120° around the X axis, and the C axis rotates ±360° around the Z axis.

     Since machine resonance is reduced to zero at Schind Alfamill, we meet the demands of specially designed 5-axis CNC machine tools for error-free production in many sectors such as automotive, luxury yacht molds and aviation. We especially recommend the Alfamill CNC machining center for 5-axis CNC solutions in shipyards.
Schind Machines, one of the 5-Axis CNC Machine manufacturers, is the most well-known RTCP-enabled CNC router manufacturer in Turkey in the production of error-free 5-axis large parts at high cutting speeds, with its experience in the sector.

     Five axis CNC machining router prices may vary as they are prepared in different configurations according to the customer's project. 5 Axis CNC router prices may be relatively expensive compared to many machines, but Alfamill router will give you more than you want. You can consult our sales staff about 5 Axis CNC prices or send your project to our company general email info@schindmachines.com and receive our offer that will be a special solution for you.

Main Features of our 5 Axis Router Alfamill Machine;
It has increased measurement accuracy with servo motors and drivers and CNC processing capacity at high speeds.
Being able to do all kinds of 3D modeling,
Technical proficiency in terms of both mechanical, hardware and software for the RTCP function
High-moment backlash-free reducers and helical rack and pinions are used in all axes.
There are spindle motors in different KWs, automatic tool changer and tool reset probe according to customer job / demand.
Movable rail systems are closed with bellows to prevent dust and have a distance-based automatic lubrication system.
Software with a user-friendly interface that can provide remote assistance is used.
Wired/wireless handwheel
CNC unit can be applied according to customer preference
It can move at speeds of 40000mm/min on the
All equipment is from well-known brands, meets international standards and is CE certified.

Applicable Materials
5 Axis CNC router, Styrofoam, EVA, EPS, XPS, PE, PU, polyurethane, epoxy sheets, plastic, woodworking furniture, copper, iron etc. It has very good results in processing materials.
5-Axis cnc router: is the machine you need for rapid prototyping in the automotive and boat industry, making propeller and wing molds, propeller moulds, hollow machined parts, injection molds manufacturing, 3D shaped models made of wood or foam and more.

For five axis router prices, please write to info@schindmachines.com.