SCHIND ST-P 1800 - PLC- Marble, Stone and Granite Block Cutting Machine

SCHIND ST-P 1800 - PLC- Marble, Stone and Granite Block Cutting Machine

Our ST machine, which does not vibrate during cutting with its solid steel chassis structure and performs vertical and horizontal precision linear cutting in PLC automation logic, is a patented design due to its chamfering specification.


Product CodeSK16-0103
Press Up Down Motor Power 2,2 kW 3,0Hp
Saw Motor Power 110 kW 148Hp
Saw Diameter 1000 - 1800 mm
Saw Speed 1000 rpm/min
Voltage 380V
Water Consumption 150Lt / min
Machine Dimensions (width - length - height) 4800 x 7600 x 3550 mm
Machine Weight 16.500kg

Our ST block cutting machine is manufactured using very strong steel material in order to achieve cutting precision in saw moving directions.
Therefore, this machine, which works at high speed, does not have a vibration problem, its saw life is longer than our competitors.
In addition to making vertical and horizontal precise cutting with PLC automation system, it makes chamfering at exactly 45 °. The operator can change the angle from screen if he wishes.
The movement of the bridge on the chassis and the movement of the cutting group on the bridge are provided by first-class friction resistant bronze slides and rack gears.
The rotation speeds of the vertical saws (first saw 800 – the next 1200mm, so 400mm difference) work at different speeds considering the diameter variation.
The rotation speeds of the horizontal saws are the same. Due to horizontal saws move one after another, the life of the saws are much longer and provides an advantage for mass production.


ST-P 1800

Vertical Disc Diameter 1000 - 1800 mm
Horizontal Disc Diameter 550 - 650 mm
Max. Block Dimensions (Width x Lenght x Height) 3100x3250x2200 mm
Maximum Slab Width 700 mm
Vertical Disc Motor Power 110/148 kw/hp
Vertical Disc Motor Cycle 1000 rpm/min
Horizontal Disc Motor Power 2ad x 22Kw 22/30 kw/hp
Bridge Right-Left Movement Motor Power 2.2/3.0 kw/hp
Bridge Up-Down Movement Motor Power 2.2/3.0 kw/hp
Bridge Speed 2—20 cm/d
Cabin Forward-Backward Movement Motor Power 2.2/3.0 kw/hp
Horizontal Disc Open-Close Hydraulic Motor Power 1.5/2.0 kw/hp
Trolley Motor Power 2.2/3.0 kw/hp
Trolley Speed 250 cm/d
Total Electric Power 130/175 kw/hp
Water Required 150 lt/d
Overall Dimensions 4800x7600x3550 mm
Machine Weight 16500 kg