Schind CNC Waterjet Bridge Type Cutting Machine

Schind CNC Waterjet Bridge Type Cutting Machine

Designed for the most accurate cutting by the Schind Waterjet is making our customers cutting works very easy. There are 3 Axis, 5 Axis or 6 Axis options.

Bridge Type CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine is manufactured as 3 axis, 5 axis and 6 axis Schind with its tough body structure are designed for being able to operate continiusly and sentitively which are being manufactured with the using of high-class and longlived materials. 

Servo motor, linear sledge and vehicles, helical rack and pinions is used for providing a rapid and smooth axial movement. The linear slides and rails, helical rack and pinions in all systems are protected with automatic greasing pump in order to prevent rust and to continue sensibility.

The fact that Schind CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine avoids vibration on account of its resisting rigid contruction, is the main factor behind its high cutting speed and precision. Its rigidity enables a cutting with a 0.01 mm sensivity. 

Design Pressure: 4200Bar
Maximum Operating Pressure: 3800 Bar
Flow Rate: 3.8 LPM
Accumulator: 1L
Motor Speed: 1500 rpm
Intensifier Configuration : Single
Motor Power: 37kW
Voltage : 400VAC 50Hz
Control : 24VDC

Safety Shut-Off Devices
- High oil temperature
- Low oil level
- Low air pressure
- Low water pressure
- Cyclinder stroke speed

All of the mechanic, electronic and high pressure components of our machines like servo motors and linear guideways consist of high technology and high quality equiments.
Automatic pressure adjustment can easily be made via communication between high pressure pump and CNC controller. All axis are servo controlled. Excluding base frame and some of the mechanic connection components, all the frame is made from stainless steel. Cover plates and water tank is also made from stainless steel. All axis plates are protected by bellows. The whole machine is water and moisture resistant.

- 3 Axis / 5 Axis / 6 Axis CNC Machine
-KMT-50-HP High Pressure Pump
-Abrasive Tank
-Cam Software Lic.
-System Training at Schind Facility

Cutting area: 1500x2400mmx250mm (It can be changes according to the customer preference)
Power : 42kW
Power Supply: 380V / 50Hz
Abrasive Dosing: 80-600 gr/min
Axis Motors: Mitsubishi Servo
Cutting Metarial: Glass, Natural Stone, Hard Metal, Wood Products, Izolation Metarials, Plastic, Composite Metarials
Options: Single Head or Dual Head