Mandrel Pipe and Tube Bending Machine NCPB 05 - Ø90 - Hydraulic - NC

Mandrel Pipe and Tube Bending Machine NCPB 05 - Ø90 - Hydraulic - NC

NC pipe and profile bending machine with maximum pipe diameter of 90, maximum pipe wall thickness of 4 mm, bending radius of 250 mm, bending angle of 0 ° to 190 ° and bending time is 30 seconds. It has 15 kW of motor power.


Product CodeNCPB05
Max. Pipe Diameter 90 Ø
Max. Pipe Wall Thickness 4 mm
Max. Bending Radius 250 mm
Max. Bending Angle 190 °
Bending Speed 30 seconds
Engine Power 15 kW
Machine Weight 2500 kg
Machine Length 4.25 m
Machine Width 1.30 m
Machine Height 1.25 m

Tecnical Features 
7" Touchscreen Color Display Hydraulic Clamping Movement
Chain Twisting System NC Control System
Geared Motor Driven (Yılmaz Reducers) (There is no belt system) 99 Program Memory Capacity Programming
Touchscreen Control Panel 20 Different Bending Angle in 1 Program
Foot Pedal Control Safe Working Conditions in the Program
Spare Parts and Service Waranty Control of all the fine details in the settings menu
Hydraulic Movement of the Mandrel Electrical parts Siemens - Telemecanique
Hydraulic Recline Movement PLC Control KINCO
It provides high productivity to the production process which includes many pipe bending processes such as dairy machine production, chair production, table production, bed base production. Our pipe bending machines, which have been in the sector for years, will be your durable, long-lasting and reliable equipment for your production.