SCHIND 16651 - CNC - Marble, Stone and Granite Cutting Machine

SCHIND 16651 - CNC - Marble, Stone and Granite Cutting Machine

CNC system, Hydraulic Power Unit and Steel body with ideal features, durable, long-lasting machine. This machine which can cut at 45, 0, 360 degree angle will make your job easier in cutting marble, natural stone and granite plates.


Product CodeSK16-0106
Machine Dimensions 6000 x 3000 x 2800 mm
Machine Control System CNC System
Cutting Head Motion 3500 mm
Bridge Motion 2000 mm
Saw Motor Power 9.0 kw - 13 hp
Circular Head Motion 360 mm
Vertical Saw Motion 400 mm
Saw Speed 1400 / 2800 rpm
Side Cutting and Profile Processing Angle 45 - 0 - 360 °
Hydraulic Workbench Hydraulic Power Unit
Maximum Saw Size 350 - 600 mm
Cutting Depth 140 mm
Voltage 380V

Schind 16651 bridge type cnc 4 axis marble cutting machine have most efficient and useable design. Schind 16651 CNC marble cutting machine have hydraulic damper table. Hydraulic table can moving 80 degree and slabs can be loading easily on the machine. Marble, granite, stone, onyx, travertine and other stones can be cutting with this machine and circular cut possible. 
Machine linearity is important for marble, granite cutting process. Schind 16651 bridge type cnc marble granite cutting machine have linear rail on body movement and full automatic all movement. While you are cutting your marble or granite you notice that efficient cutting ability.
Wooden table and bellows are used in Schind 16651 CNC marble granite cutting machine.
Also 5 axis is option in this machine.

  • Longitudinal, transverse and 45 ° cutting machine,
  • Cuts on X and Y axis,
  • The bridge and its table work fully automatic,
  • There are both manual and automatic double page digital touchscreen management panel,
  • It can make automatic dimensioning in 10 different sizes,
  • Upper body movements are working with linear slides system, servo motors and gearbox,
  • There is a fully automated CNC control panel,
  • Marble plates can be easily put on the cutting table by the dumper hydraulic system,
  • Technical support is possible to the machine brain with internet connection,
  • Wooden table and bellows are used