SCHIND PLS 3320 - 3 Axis - Bridge - Marble and Granite Polishing Machine

SCHIND PLS 3320 - 3 Axis - Bridge - Marble and Granite Polishing Machine

Our bridge polishing machine is one of the best solution to get excellent shiny surfaced marble & granite slabs.


Product CodeMPLS01
Motor Power Main Engine: 11 kW
Bridge Motor: 1.5 kW
Vals Motor: 1.5 kW
Cat Engine: 1.5 kW
Hydraulic motor: 1.5 kW
Machine Dimensions 5500mm x 3700mm x 2600mm
Weight: 3500kg
Machine Control System PLC System
Polishing Width 2000mm
Polishing Length 3200mm
Voltage 380V

  • Strong, long-lasting machine made entirely from steel body,
  • Full automatic PLC system with touch screen,
  • With pressing a button main motor, bridge motor, cat motor, pneumatic vals motor are activated at the same time and automatically stops when abrasion is finished,
  • Capability to make abrasion between 3300mm - 2000mm with the katrak plate,
  • Practical using is provided by entering X-Y axis values of dimensions of the stone which will be abrasived / polished,
  • Used vals motor to avoid traces on the stones to be polished and also used spring system on the abrasive parts which is 500mm abrasion diameter,
  • User can polish the same location again with the recall feature of our bridge slab polishing machine,
  • The abrasion tray is fitted with a plug-in kit. Usage and change of stone are very easy and each stone has a separate tray,
  • Polishing wooden table works with hydraulic dump, can be opened up to 80 °,
  • The protective metal sheet works mechanically to protect operator from water splashes.