Natural stone block cutting machines have gained a quite different level with the latest technology. Wire gang saw or, in other words, multi wire block cutting machine, has become the first need of factories.


Product CodeSMW10
Min Cutting Depth 50 mm
Machine Dimensions 9000 mm x 4500 mm x 7000 mm
Motor Power 75 Kw for 10 wires model, 90Kw for 15 wires model
Machine Control System PLC
Voltage 380V, 3 Phz, 50 Hertz
Water Consumption 50 Lt / Min
Machine Weight 25.000 Kg

Schind has succeeded in being a solution partner for cutting granite blocks or cutting marble and travertine blocks for manufacturers who want fast production.
Thanks to its strong chassis structure and separately pneumatic wire tensioning, you can cut plates of different thicknesses with high precision.
We proud of to say we have high demands received for the Schind multi wire gang saw that we have developed in-house from the domestic and international markets.

Supporting the cutting group with a hydraulic cylinder has increased the life of the system 5 times by reducing the load on the nuts and reducer system to 10% during the up and down movement of the machine.
Linear rays are completely protected by bellows.

With our SCHIND SMW10, SCHIND SMW15, SCHIND SMW38 models, we have succeeded in being the supplier of manufacturers who make slabs from block with these cutting-edge multi-diamond wire block cutting machines. With this diamond wire stone cutting technology, we succeeded in overcoming difficulties such as precision in multi-plate cutting, ability to move independently of the vein structure of the stone, and faster product removal with less breaking from the gang saw.
The cost of diamond wires is around 30% more than that of the saw blades. These values ​​may differ depending on the type of stone and the quality of the diamond wire.
Based on the same number of blades and wires, multi-wire cuts 3 times faster than the gangsaw blades.
Minimum slab thickness is 18 mm at lamella gangsaw block cutting machine.  Minimum slab thickness is 8 mm thin with the shifting technique in the multi-wire block cutting machine.
Since the lamellar gang saw works with back and forth movement, it makes a hydraulic impact to the stone block and the cracked stone slabs can be easily broken. This does not happen in multi-wire gangsaw, the stone is cut without impact.
If we explain mathematically so that our customers can make correct calculations and compare the machines;
The energy consumption of the Multiple Wire Block Cutting machine is 110 KW.
Let’s say our block is 3 meters. Cutting speed is 60 cm/hour.
3mt x 0.6 = 1.8 m² x 44 diamond wires  then  we can get max = 79.2 m² / hour
110 Kw / 79.2 m² = 1.38 Kw / hour / m²
The energy consumption of the 80 Blades Gang-Saw Block Cutting Machine is 160 Kw.
Let’s say our block is 3 meters. Cutting speed is 20 cm/hour.
3mt x 0.2 = 0.6 m² x 80 = 48 m² / hour
160 Kw / 48 m² = 3.33 Kw / hour / m²
Result: We spend 1.38 Kw/hour cutting 1 m² of plate with diamond wire block cutting method… We spend 3.33 Kw/hour when cutting 1 m² with a gang saw block cutting method …


Maximum Cutting Dimensions : 3300mm long, 2200mm short side, 2000mm high
Cutting time in general : Travertine 100cm/hour, Marble 60cm/hour, Granite, 25cm/hour (depends on the hardness of the stone)
Minimum cutting thickness : 50mm
Cutting Speed : 10 - 45 meters / second (changeable according to the stone)
Main engine Power : For 75 Kw 10 model, for 90Kw 15 model
Machine Dimensions : 9000mm long, 4500mm short side, 7000mm high
Wagon Dimensions : 2600mm*2100mm
Wagon Movement (Y axis) : 2.2 kW
Main Chassis : 14 mm thickness strong steel chase structer, plus inner supports anti-vibration purpose.
Diamond wire thicknesses : 5.3mm, 6.3mm 7.3mm can be use
Single Wire Length : 20 meters
Electric : 380V 3 phase 50 Hertz
Control Board : 9” GMT/DELTA touch PLC system. Turkish & English
Electrical components : Schineider
Inverter : DELTA
Z Axis Movement : Ball screw shaft Ø90
Lower Flywheel Diameters : 800mm
Upper Flywheel Diameter : 600mm
Wire Tensioning : Pneumatic power in idle flywheel, system that equalizes the tension of each wire
Water Consumption : 50liter/minute
Paint : Anti rust + Autopaint
Automatic Lubrication Unit : Yes
Alarm : There is a system that immediately stops the motor in case of wire breakage
Total Weight : 25000 kg