The water jet machine is a professional machine that mixes the small abrasive sand grains (garnet stone) like emery stone with the water compressed in its high pressure pump and sprays it on the material to be cut from a close distance. SWJ1626, SWJ1530

What is a Water Jet Machine?
     The water jet machine is a high-tech industrial machine that cuts the water compressed in its own high-pressure pump, by mixing the tiny abrasive sand grains (garnet stone) like emery stone in its own chamber, by spraying it on the material to be cut from a close distance.

What Does a Water Jet Cutting Machine Do?
     From the hardest materials such as bulletproof glass, titanium, fabrication steels, to many plastic products such as plexiglass rubber, chestnut, your knowledge cuts through any material. The main difference that distinguishes water jet cutting from other cutting methods is that it appeals to customers who produce precision parts such as the automotive, aerospace and aviation industries, and parts that do not lose strength due to thermal deformation as in laser / plasma cutting. This cutting method, which we can also call abrasivejet or abrasive water jet, is also preferred in the processing of natural stones such as marble, granite or artificial hard materials such as ceramics, as it can cut even the thinnest-edged and narrowest radius pieces perfectly without separating the material.

The Most Important Detail to Be Considered in CNC Water Jet Machine;
     There should be no vibration when CNC cutting with water with rapid head movements at short distances. Therefore, achieving the desired cutting quality in CNC waterjet machine manufacturing requires minimum acceleration (acceleration) with its strong steel chassis infrastructure and light aluminum superstructure. SchindMachines waterjet cutting machine has achieved zero vibration in the machine body and is preferred both in Turkey and in the world market with the quality machine components and software it uses. The SchindJet water jet pump, which has a pressure generating capacity of 4000 bar, is manufactured independently of the CNC water jet cutting machine so that it does not cause vibration. Schind Machines water jet machine parts are produced in completely universal sizes and do not expect constant dependency on spare parts like other manufacturers.

General Features of Schind Machines CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine…
* Head and Bridge movements (X & Y axes) are provided by servo motors with rack gear drive system on a linear slide.
* Precision ball screw is used for movement in Z axis.
* Water tank and body plates are made of stainless steel.
* To protect the equipment used in our machine, rectangular section closed first class bellows are used.
* Abrasive dosing unit is insulated to be protected from water and moisture.
* Moving axes are lubricated continuously thanks to the automatic lubrication unit.
* The main chassis subgroup is made of strong steel, goes to sandblasting, epoxy priming and painted with epoxy paint. Thus, the machine does not require maintenance paint for many years.
* It can also be produced as double head / different cutting capacity / 3 axis water jet machine and 5 axis water jet machine according to customer demand.
* Our expectation from the customer when we go to the installation; Transformer to meet 40KW additional current, power line drawn up to the side of the machine, air compressor (7-8 bar), device to filter mains water, hydrophore of at least 500 liters…

➢ Design Pressure-4000 bar
➢ Maximum Working Pressure-3800 bar
➢ Nozzle Flow Capacity – 3.2 L / min
➢ Water Accumulator Capacity - 1 Lt
➢ Motor Speed - 1500 rpm / min
➢ Intensifier Configuration-Single
➢ Pressure Control-Proportional
➢ Engine Power-30 kW
➢ Voltage-400VAC 3PHAS 50hz
➢ Control-24 VDC
➢ Instant Current Draw Maximum 40 KW
➢ THY Rail, Trolley and Backlashless Ball Screw
➢ GÜDEL Rack & Rack (Switzerland)
➢ NC Studio CAD-CAM software package
➢ Diamond Cutting Head
➢ Servo Sand Mixer
➢ Automatic Lubrication System
➢ CNC Movement Capability
➢ 19” Touch Screen
➢ Oil Cooling System (Fan Motor)
➢ Abrasive Sand Tank
➢ Connection Pipes and Equipment
➢ Installation, Training and Tests

Approximate Cutting Speeds of Some Materials in Waterjet Machine

 Aluminum 1000 mm / minute 5 mm
600 mm / minute 10 mm
Stainless Steel 200 mm / minute 10 mm
120 mm / minute 15 mm
 Titanium 250 mm / minute 5 mm
120 mm / minute 10 mm
ST 37 Steel Plate 820 mm / minute 5 mm
530 mm / minute 10 mm
Marble 700 mm / minute 10 mm
500 mm / minute 20 mm
300 mm / minute 30 mm
 Granite 700 mm / minute 10 mm
360 mm / minute 20 mm
200 mm / minute 30 mm
Ceramic 5000 mm / minute 10 mm
Porcelain 3000 mm / minute 10 mm
Glass 1500 mm / minute 12 mm
500 mm / minute 20 mm
 Plexiglass 3500 mm / minute 10 mm
2000 mm / minute 20 mm