Custom Size Made Routers According to Customer Demands

Custom Size Made Routers According to Customer Demands

Because of the different size of the final products and different necessary process according to customers, we produce routers which have different working areas and ability routers decided by the customer.

CNC Router Marble, Metal and Woodworking Machine
After the drawings are completed on the computer, All the designs will be able to be transferred to the machine as G code via portable control unit or SD card or USB memory.

Processing Dimensions : X-......     Y-.......     Z-.......  mm
Motion Motors : X-12.5 Nm    Y-12.5 Nm  x  2 pieces      Z-12.5 Nm hybrid servo motor
Movement System : 2 Module Helical Induction Krameyer Gear
Reducer : X- i 10,  Y- i 10 x 3 pcs  Gapless Planetary Gearboxes
Slide System : X-25     Y-25      Z-25mm Machined Linear Slides
Main Motor : 5.5 Kw Spindle motor, manual collet
CNC Control Panel : DSP Hand Terminal Control Panel (Supply 24 Vdc)
Chassis : Strong Monoblock Chassis and Bridge Walkways
    Fully Machined Precision Linear Slide System
Protective Bellows : Bellows Protection System in Linear Guideways and Kremier Gears
Bridge Movements : Gapless (zero backlash) Precision Planetary Reducer Drive Systems
Paint : First Class Paint with Epoxy Protector
Reference : Referencing before start
Precision : Position accuracy and cutting precision: ± 0.03mm
Panel Clamping : Pneumatic


- 3 axes X, Y, Z control
- Servo motor compatible
- Working independently from the computer
- 3 Home switch inputs
- Soft limit definition
- Starting from where it left off in case of power failure
- Thanks to internal memory feature, it can save its current location in its memory, if it is stopped.
- 7 different speed settings for spindle
- Automatic going to zero point feature when it start
- 3 Axes moving simultaneously
- 3 Proximity sensor inputs
- 1 Spindle motor output
- 1 Alcohol cooling outlet
- Automatic machine zero
- Inputs and outputs with dry contact via relay
- DSP control system without computer
- SD card support
- G code reading
- Manual milling feature
- Automatic detection of part zero in case of power failure