SCHIND SCL 25x4 / 60x2 CNC Column Lathe Machine

SCHIND SCL 25x4 / 60x2 CNC Column Lathe Machine

SCHIND SCL CNC is a CNC-based machine that enables the marble or granite connected to the lathe to be rotated in a circular motion and turned into a cylindrical or conical part by saw cutting, on top of its final design with lathe cutting tools.


Product CodeSCLM
Side Cutting (X Axis) 2000 mm
Machine Dimensions 3650 L x 1950 W x 2820 H mm
Machine Control System CNC
Saw Motor Power 7.5 KW x 2 PCS
Saw Diameter 500mm(diameter) x 10mm (thickness) x 50mm (Saw shaft diameter)
Saw Speed 3000 RPM
Voltage 380 V, 3 Phase, 50Hz
Water Consumption 22 liters per minute
Machine Dimensions (width - length - height) 3650 x 1950 x 2820 mm

Schind SCL CNC column lathe machine have most efficient and suitable design for marble processing. CNC column machines use for marble, granite and other stones final product processing like marble column, marble handrail, marble stair rails, marble balcony railing. 

1    Machine Dimensions (L,W,H)    3650 x 1950 x 2820 mm
2    Side cutting (X axis) cutting Depth    2000 mm
3    Maximum column diameter is 250mm for    4 PCS at the same time
4    Maximum column diameter is 600mm for    2 PCS at the same time
5    Diameter of saw is electrolyzed diamond    500mm(diameter) x 10mm (thickness)
x 50mm (Saw shaft diameter)
6    Saw Motor Power    3000 RPM – 7.5 KW x 2 PCS (Aldemirler brand)
7    Operating System / Computer-aided panel    Automatic CNC
8    Total needed power    18 KW
9    Needed water flow    22 liters per minute
10    X axis motor power / forward move    1 KW Servo motor (OMRON brand)
11    Z axis motor power / forward move    1 KW servo motor (OMRON brand)
12    Control unit    SZGH 8.4’’ (English Licensed) - G code operating
14    Motion Card    OMRON brand
15    All switches in the machine are of    Siemens brand
16    All relays in the machine are of    OMRON brand
17    All contactors included in the machine are of    Telemecanique Schneider brand
18    Planetary gearbox used in X axis 1/10 is    110 trunk planetary type
19    Planetary gearbox used in Z axis 1/10 is    110 trunk planetary type
20    X axis motion is 35mm linear guide-way system.    (A linear system is a mathematical model of a system based on the use of a linear operator. Linear systems typically exhibit features and properties that are much simpler than the nonlinear case)
21    The machine is Suitable for both marble and granite cutting process, only throw changing the cutting saw blade and keep going on.
22    Machine oiling system is easy to be oiled.    
23    Z axis were cemented and produced as a strong hard shaft over this process.    (Cementation: is a process of altering a metal by heating it in contact with a powdered solid, especially a former method of making steel by heating iron in contact with charcoal).
24    Lathe bearer and gear-box group can be set off from    0 RPM to 12.8 RPM per minutes by inverter aid.
25    Working scale between lathe bearer and centers arrange from    2000 mm to 100 mm
26    The motor protects itself in the event of mechanical interference caused by a user error. So, when you encounter a problem with this tour, you can press the reset button from the panel and continue again where you left off.
27    There are limited protection sensors on the input and output of all axes in the machine to avoid mechanical collisions.
28    The oil to be used in our machine must be a high-quality grease (wheel bearing grease) Rubber-free one.
29    Lathe bearer and centers can each one individually have the capacity to operate up to 1 tons.